TRX BTC - Tongue in Cheek Rat Trap Echo Prediction

We are in the buy zone of predicted "Rat Trap".. The idea Heartbeaters is to range buy and sell this coin as it side ways trades within either a symmetrical or Ascending triangle over the coming days accumulating her to sell on upper fibs when she breaks out.. Ascending triangles, if this in fact closes as a Heartbeat generally have max on the 0.618 fib and min below 0.236..

Symmetrical Triangles generally have an axis between the 0.236 and 0.382 fib.

We'll profit well here if this plays out as the triangle is reasonably tall at aroud 40-50%..

I´m crazy so I´ve already bought in and first orders are set.. time to let the ranger do the rest of the work.. Reassess the plan if price recedes lower than 0 fib..

Best of luck Heartbeaters !!
評論: This formation has also been quite affectionately dubbed the Genie Lamp.. Will the genie be set free to grant our wishes !! haha !! Lame but memorable !
評論: This formation is making me think... A new Criteria.. obviously I am going to steal from the greats of the past as we are always conscious of how other investors think, The Price Max Candle is red.. I am thinking we add this criteria to the identifications so reading left to right S = Red Candle and B = Green Candle at price peak/dip... I'm also going to denote \ = D, / = A and = = E so I can Tag them.. This will be either between max and min or across the whole wavelength of the Heartbeat.. We will decide this with trial and error.. maybe both will need to be considered..

So this beast we see above is the HLBLXDSSS - and is in the Electric Eel family so we all know that coins shouldn't go swimming with Electric Eels as they are Bearish Cup Smiths.. Gap is within the first Fib so we assume that is a close..

Spread your ranging levels out on the buy of this as we have seen the Fib floors can blow out on a couple.. This sucker is symmetrical so we assume she packs a big shock possibly sending us deep into the abyss!! Be careful out there Heartbeaters !! Wait for a nice Ferrari horse or other Cup Base Smith you might know of..

HLBLXDSSS / HLBLXDBSS - Heartbeat Lightning Bolt Left Hand Axis Cross with Decending Volume (two ways to look at the next designation) Max price had highest volume out of max and min ie. S but overall, including the Flatline either side The first candle was a Buy and was max.. we will adjust this with time.. New designation is SS as Max and Min price reading left to right were Sale (red) Candles..
評論: This is technically a HDSSS or HDBSS or lets just go overall then max min volume peak.. so HDBSSS... haha it just gives the impression of the electric eel but the center candle is touching the axis.. Its just definitely lop sided and that is why sometimes you have to use aesthetics to decide because the truly perfect Heartbeats have far more consistent results than lop sided ones.. that being said the lop sided ones which we see everywhere are super powerful at times but until we nail them down more successfully with probability let's be cautious, especially when galloping past on a horse they look like a bearish Cupsmith like the Electric Eel !!
hi there, so the aim is to buy and sell within the channel following the heartbeat signal?
eg 1400 sell, 1100 buy, 1300 sell etc until we hit the edge of the triangel again at 1400 before the next impulse?
Thankyou for the great idea. I am very new to this but loving it. Following!
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Benjamix kitkat16
Thanks For reading @kitkat16, i was deliberately being ambiguous to only catch the curious like yourself... haha.. heartbeat ranging is a simple technique that allows us to trade using averages, traditionally called dca. Basically we start at the most significant heartbeat axis and we fan from it fixed horizontal price levels/lines. The fibs here are an example. As you get better you can more accurately predict price movement as is oscillates on the axis or from it. When you are starting out you basically tighten your difference in levels to match your activity and always beat fee. Most start with a fib number like 0.89 or 1.3%... ok so you then take your purse you are willing to hold longterm on this investment and you divide it in 30 levels up and down (idealy, you can go less and increase difference between levels. I'm finding you want to at least cover 20-30% either side of the axis... increase difference between each price level exponentially like fibs if you want to do it with style... next trick is place your orders in the book! This is consuming without a robot but still is valid and works a treat. Ok So have an app alert you to buys and sells or have the transaction history open on your phone and check it relentlessly. When you get a sale add a buy order below the sale price (Remember your level division) when you buy add a sell order alevel above what you bought for. Get 30 of these going and you are open for business 24/7 with a trade every mins.. we do it on coins we don't mind holding and we have reserves to double down if need be. That is the ultimate. Every level that you go further from the axis especially down add to your individual bet. Then your average buy price drops faster to match what you bought for. Happy to help introduce you more. Just ask here if need be. If the price falls out of your range you just do the math calculating your average buy price so you can readjust your axis to compensate and never lose. Never sell for a loss. This is the great redistribution of wealth and if we play our cards right we won't let it fall back into the hands of the powers that be.. hodl !!! From my cold dead hands !!! Hahaaaah yeahhhh ! The more active you are refreshing your orders after existing ones are filled makes you more coin more securely but I've noticed if i miss a few here and there i win more giving the manual approach an edge sometimes. You will catch most spikes doing this be it the average of them. Not as exciting as picking the lotto tops and dips but with patience you'll get the income you deserve with reduced risk. Plus all that time watching charts and price action will make you a guru in 1year... Best of luck !!
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