TRX WILL HIT $3+ in 2018!!

With Trons amazing team lead by former Chief Representative of Ripple, Justin Sun. Their business plan extends into 2027 full of updates and expansion. If your not holding TRX in your 2018 portfolio you will be very disappointed in the upcoming months. There is no doubt in my mind that TRX will hit $3.
@knack did you consider the 20% coin burn that's taking place on the 10th January?
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@CHEEZEPLS, they are not gonna burn 20%, I will suggest you do some research. Ripple burned some coins too, all about less than 1%, this one is gonna be the same.
@knacak, yep and ripple hit $3+ trx has the same opportunity. Plus TRX is made for the community not banks.
there is no f... way , it's gonna hit $3.00. When you publish something be logical please. 100 billion coins out there X $3.00 per share = $300 billion market cap. Bitcoin has 260 billion , ripple has 96 billion market cap. It will certainly go up but there is no way close to $3.00. If you are lucky you will see between 0.30-0.50.
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@knacak, $1 is very possible and thats enough for me :D
$3 maybe in 2023
ooba knacak
@knacak, market cap has grown $70 billion in the last day, $3 per coin very achievable
you know nothing jon @knacak,
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@knacak, Back in march of last year when ripple was under a penny people would have never believed that it would hit $3 in less than a year. You will never be a successful investor if you have a small perspective.
Patients is key.
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erikmeduso SethNegley
@SethNegley, dont waste your energy on pestimistic traders. They’ll always fail at the end
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SethNegley erikmeduso
@erikmeduso, They always do.
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