what did we miss here in TRX is this graph correct?

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I'd like everyone to check this out tell me what i did wrong graphing and just a general critique... but i saw a large boom especially with the squeeze. What gives? i know btc is down as well as others. but just wanted to see if i left any stones unturned?
there's strange buy and sell walls repeating all the time, i think it's big players with bots trying to make people lose faith and make the price drop so once there's some big news, which i think there will be cuz otherwise why would they do that, they wil release the walls and it'l explode like overstretched ruber, just my personal opinion, im getting mixed feelings about this coin since i didnt want to hold for too long, wish i would sell at ath since i bought at 200satosthi((
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josefbieniek josefbieniek
@josefbieniek, looks like we'll have at least a nice 10% runup right now, the stoch rsi is curling up and there's good buyings right now
sv1rep josefbieniek
@josefbieniek, Agreed man, take the profit and run... something fishy about this coin
Natakrupe1980 josefbieniek
@josefbieniek, The creator play with it! He receive enough from his game TRON to ETH.
Its falling more and more.... Founder need an action... Trust has been lost in this coin
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