I'm thinking this legend has finished his rally. Dont listen the guys saying "BUY IT IT WILL PUMP" . It is done. When BTC wakes up it will go deep as its first places 20-100 sats .

All analyzers has TRX . They are shilling you to buy it and save their moneys. Do not listen. There is so much coins and tokens you can buy. Fux it.

I wish you best.

評論: TRX on Bitfinex now. Maybe little pump effects comes. TRX price down from 632 to 600 just now.
評論: Current TRX price is 585.
Korean exchanges will be open 2 days after. Maybe a little pump happens.
Christolph Christolph
This Token will absolutely smash through sell orders when it goes up again. Look toward the end of this month. They announce new partnership.. keep buying this token even if it goes down to 1 fing sat.. You will be rewarded. And for those of you waiting 2-3 weeks get real.. Some trades take MONTHS to Develop. Hold your Sht its not going to fall very far. Stop crying how low it is.. Deal with it. This is a business.. Start Promoting the Token and getting more people to buy it rather then Fud and Fomo. this token is in the top 20 for a REASON! Because its a sleeping Giant. And when it wakes up you will only wished you had bought more at the bottom. This is a gift right now. 7 cents will be Never seen again soon. Hold it and promote it.
Sefy Christolph
@Christolph, i hope you are right justin sun
Someone telling the truth.... Thank God..
+1 回覆
yes sell the bottom please
+1 回覆
Try your beast to do the FUD man ^_^
Sefy rsedaaghi
@rsedaaghi, i hope you are right bro but there is so many people rekt from this token. they bought at 1500+ and still waiting with their all moneys :(
im just warning the new guys
+2 回覆
@Sefy, I'm one of them :))))) But there is hope man ^_^ It's a consolidation phase we have to pass it. Everyone willing to dump the damp shitcoin :))))
Sefy rsedaaghi
@rsedaaghi, when i'm believing in this coin i bougt a lot. but i sold when its going huge pump. good luck to you
@Sefy, yeah, 1550 here. :( I’ll probably never see my money back.
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