TRX (TRON) Is Going Under Water!!!

Not much to say here, the chart speaks for itself. HEAD & SHOULDERS!
評論: Looks like that water is thicker than Blood ,-D
based on continuing to hold above the support line what are your thoughts now?
Umm, it's a great time to buy...
@ankhramsiswmriimn FUD spreader.
just HODL. Mainnet still launching, partnership announcement next week.
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What do you recommend in the current scenario? HODL or just take out money and invest somewhere else?
@XVGTRON, I would like to know too, can't decide.... Bull run or down the hill?
@XVGTRON, At this point it's kind of difficult to give any recommendations because it's been a while since I caught myself in that position, TRON already lost 50% from it's ATHs, another 40% fall is looming, if I was in that position I'd probably jump ships and go into SIACOIN which is hot right now.
kitkat16 PRO ankhramsiswmriimn
@ankhramsiswmriimn, you still think it's going further?
Doesn't look solid enough of a head and shoulder does it?
LINJAS ankhramsiswmriimn
@ankhramsiswmriimn, yeah, I already took this move. SC looks promising.
@XVGTRON, Sorry I haven't posted this idea when it reached ATH I actually predicted the formation of a H&S but I was busy paying studying new coins to invest in, however I think I may have posted something about it on my twitter account.
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