Tron (TRX) - Buy Opportunity ( 100% Profit Potential)

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Tron ( TRX ) reached its all time high back on January 5th, 2018 @ 0.00002047. After that, there has been a period of consolidation, and slow movement, but now the coin is breaking out of this high trend line , and it is reason for some new action.

Let’s look at the details, see what the charts have to say and profit from this trade.


- We will start with the one day chart. Look at the red trend-line, this is the line that I just mentioned above that was broken… Take a look…
- As you can see an uptrend on the 4 hour chart has started along with consolidation showing some bullish signals...


Buy-In: 0.00000900 - 0.00001100

Targets:(Short Term)
(1) 0.00001280
(2) 0.00001520
(3) 0.00001705
(4) 0.00002050
(5) 0.00002500(All-Time-New High)

Targets:(Long Term) - (These are long term holds only, It might not get to these for months)
(6) 0.00003000
(7) 0.00004000
(8) 0.00007000
(9) 0.00010000

:Message of the day
"Dreaming or Doing
is a choice that will mean the Difference between
Failure or Success"
評論: Sorry forgot to add:
Stop-Loss: 0.00000875-0.00000900
評論: hehehe sorry guys i think the chart was goofed a bit, I believe tron should go around 940sats then break out of triangle formation and rise :)
評論: Rebuy and Refill this will go to the moon :)
That is what im seeing as well on my chart. If everything goes well it should go up. You think bots and whales are going to dictate the chart?
DarkItaly SimonWiesner
@SimonWiesner, Yes whales can pump or dump this coin, but statistically (TRX) should go up, indicators are all pointing upwards :)
SimonWiesner DarkItaly
@DarkItaly, There goes the whales ruining it for everyone.
DarkItaly SimonWiesner
@SimonWiesner, Indeed , it wasn't just whales though, if you saw news i believe it was bots, CMP took some exchanges out but that doesnt change, it will still sky rocket

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