TRX potential correction

Great Breakout! But anticipating some light selling with a healthy correction at top trend line . Will watch closely. BINANCE:TRXBTC
instead of using 3 EMAs, why not try using TEMA (Three Moving Average) and customize the period? Otherwise, great analysis! Indeed it needed a correction.
@fran_sal, Thanks I will def look into that. I use this set up for my swing trades too so I use the emas for scale in and scale out points
Latest rumor , trx is going to annonce a partnership with Alibaba on monday next week !! thats the reason for this sudden climb!! the price is going to go up more and more !!
KevinCompton dhinesh95
@dhinesh95, man that dip got bought so quick lol this crypto space is very exciting! CEO is on his game!
Thank you for the post. Do you have a theory on how many satoshi a good rebuy point will be?
KevinCompton cryptothrice
@cryptothrice welcome! Hard to tell yet, I will have to watch for volume going forward. Fundamentally, the CEO is very active and has said in a live stream there will be a coin burn in Q1 as well as partnerships. So I will only scale out 25% of my position.
cryptothrice KevinCompton
@KevinCompton, Thanks, good to know. What do you mean when you say scale out?
KevinCompton cryptothrice
@cryptothrice, out of my whole postion I will only sell 25% of it. Secure some profit and still hold a decent size stake. May move to litecoin, unusual volume could be something there.
cryptothrice KevinCompton
@KevinCompton, Ok I see. Wouldn't the most profitable move be to sell most of your trx considering a correction will come (in my opinion). Then rebuy the dip. And with regards to volume were you referring to ltc or trx?
KevinCompton cryptothrice
@cryptothrice, I bought Trx at .4-.7 usd and with cryptos you don’t want to lose your position, but I do see the correction potentially getting as low as .6 usd. Look at ripple, I bought in the .40-.70 cent range and I now it’s been uptrending for weeks! Ltc has been seeing some high volume with little price action, i’ll Chart in the morning and look for any kind of positive divergence.
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