TRX Trend Reverse??? Fibonacci-Fractals & Ichimoku Cloud

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Yesterday TRX have face the lowest point after the rise which is at 0.00000480, as cycle of market is going on is it safe to say that trend will reverse or stable after it reach the bottom support???
Also the lowest point of yesterday add up with user @TranDangHoangHai analysis, i have linked it below please have a look.

Here is a few point i wanted to point out using Ichimoku and Williams Fractals (with Fibonacci multiple modified by me)

Ichimoku Cloud:
--- The Kijun-sen ( Base Line Green) : have stabilize for the longest time in the pass since 06/01/2018 for 12 hours without dropping lower
--- The Dark color cloud is getting thinner and thinner at one point it will break through and reverse the trend. Highest posibility for this to happen is about 22 hour from now

William Fab-Frac:
--- William fractal provide very good insight into short term swing trading however i have modified some conditions to make it more reliable and works with Ichimoku Cloud . We can see the double up green arrow in a row show strong support of the market at that average Kijun-sen line

Everything adds up guys: 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 strong signal

Fix me if im wrong interm of analyzing. I could be 100% wrong since so many TRX hater :P

And for the haters out there for TRX , please go away.
If you are not interested in TRX then why are you reading and give negative comments?
Constructive comment will be appreciate.

If the next 22 hour and the price start traveling up hill feels free to send me some TRX cookies :P
評論: Now the Tenken-sen line also stabilize +1 point for the overall prediction
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