TRON possible break

If it doesn't fall too deep in the red zone, maybe we see another TRX run.
Looking for support from the MA50 and MA100
評論: 780 is a strong support, and the only times the price broke it, the bulls got back in control. I'm looking to build my position at around 700-720
draw as many triangles you want .. I did :( .. but it just breaks to a new low EVERYTIME.
250 sat
b-tctrader cryptickem
@cryptickem, man I’ve seen you push this agenda on every TRXBTC chart I’ve looked at the last few nights. Publish a chart to back up your ideas or be constructive.
cryptickem b-tctrader
@b-tctrader, I have probably posted twice . This is no agenda. I 've bought in myself at much higher level than where it is right now. Okay, 250 Sat level is where the first wave began to the ATH. The prolonged side way movement of the chart seems as if its gonna push higher but only breaks to a lower low is what I meant. Today might be a different story or maybe NOT. I have no agenda to push. Not everybody is gonna say "To the MOON" . So chill.
fnneves rkhalev
@rkhalev, i suggest you read the House Rules before posting any referral links!
so we going down yet?
fnneves mezase
@mezase, sideways is the way! lol
+1 回覆
mezase fnneves
@fnneves, who would have thought haha
What to do, what to do... I'm seeing if these walls go down
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