TRX - will the main net boost it?

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There are a lot of people making fun of TRXBTC but so far seems to deliver... and it does it also in time. Will the Mainet launch at the end of May will boost this coin? Curently is in a descending pattern and could decrease in the following 5 days. It is important that MA20 (red line) will not go under MA50 (blue line) as if this will happen the price can get down even further. Neverthless on the long run i am bullish on this coin and i think it can have the above evolution.
評論: Bulls eye!! 857 sat.
TRX followed the path forecasted and reached the first target. However even though RSI is high there is still some room to grow. From the technical analyses point of view the trend should invert. Let's see also if the correction will be so accurate.
I maintained 40% of my coins anyway. If the correction will occur it should be like this:

pawelchasikowski pawelchasikowski
@pawelchasikowski, free 30% trx for holding it whil mainnet launch
Wolfye82 pawelchasikowski
@pawelchasikowski, Please do not post this kind of links. To insert the PRIVATE key to prove that somebody is elligible is simply called SCAM!
@Wolfye82, its not private key just wallet adress, but if Im wrong sorry
Wolfye82 pawelchasikowski
@pawelchasikowski, After you insert your wallet address and balances, in the second screen, it's asking you your private key.
I cannot post here the print screen.
The official site is https://tron.network/entrx.html while the one that the links goes to is a scam https://tron-network.org/sign.php
Do not worry but i do not want to mislead my followers.
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