TRON Pump and Dump

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Classic pump and dump - totally justified for this sh!t-coin.
評論: Zero would be a good buy on this coin. Mark it down.
交易結束:目標達成: Never underestimate The Whale.
I'll be the one laughing later
you're failing to account for Justin Sun's Twitter stream tonight
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golge exPegasus
@exPegasus, and what do you expect to hear other than lots of "may, might, can, ought to and wills" ....? I bet nothing will come out of it and periscope, really?
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@golge, he could be announcing a major partnership, a coin burn, the game, etc. This is no crap coin in the long run. Jack Ma absolutely supports this guy. It's like having support from Amazon. And just to give a scope of the scale of support that this coin has, Alibaba makes more revenue than Amazon and is used worldwide to buy cheap crap from China. Usually, people buy their cheap crap from Alibaba and Aliexpress before selling them on Amazon and Ebay.
golge saiko1490
@saiko1490, did he do that? I don't know much about the tech. behind it. But when I check this dudes Twitter, all I see is hype coming out of it. Nothing related to technology, product itself etc. And how do we know that Jack Ma or Alibaba really supports this guy? Because he told it is so?

Especially when people say "Oh, they have an announcement coming" that usually is an indicator itself. LOL.
That being said I still hodl my tron as well. Honestly when I bought it, I sure did see a rise in the charts but I wasn't accounting it to grow up this much. Let's see what people will do due to fomo....
@golge, while jack ma doesn't say anything himself, justin sun does go to the school jack ma founded himself and justin sun does have several alibaba employees working under him. it couldn't just be a coincidence right? and i really doubt justin sun is stealing jack ma's employees. i think there's an informal relationship between jack ma and justin sun. while it's not official, i believe justin sun receives support from jack ma. while the coin isn't doing well because justin sun likes to hype up his coin, i have strong faith in this coin once they start pumping out their products
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