TRX make up your mind :)

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TRX had been in a bit of a limbo, leaning towards a bearish trend . There is a support at 6778 wich is the fib short term. Down trend is heading there slowly. But the thing that make this interesting is the Oscilator diverging from the trend. This could be where TRX does the next rally, it is dangerous because it could just as well dip at this point where you could of taken more profit if held for the reversal.

2 places of reversal:

6801 - 8:00 am 22 January tomorrow morning (just humoring myself with how close I can get it :))

6498 - 02:00 am 23 January

Not a pro just tying to see if my analysis is any good

評論: Cool so still hovering on 6800 range but it looks like 6498 is the next reversal area... after that we start all over again :)
評論: I am quite pleased that it was right on que :) Maybe a bit of luck...

Now to see if the bulls can keep it going... 800 gonna be quite a thing to get over...
評論: TRX just doesn't have enough steam... lets see what she does next few hours... Maybe a false break. Next point for reversal still intact
Potentially heading to the next reversal area - also what timezone are your times? Thanks :)
cnever zealousGG
@zealousGG, The above graph is on hourly just to gather more info, but on h3/h4 it looks the same I think?
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