633 20
Confidence dropping, trades reducing on speculation, likely to fall back to previous low or further..

Buy in at crash for short term gain


There's some negative press circulating regarding the quality of the whitepaper. The userbase for the associated app is greatly overestimated. Over the next week or two; be cautious and aware that interest may dwindle as whales cash out.
Wao In new here and i did exactly as is mentioned here I dint get the gains but i was buying and selling on the top i had now idea it was going to skyroket like that but its fine.
Also i put a buy at 0.00017525 almost as mentioned here cool im not that wrong and alone after all.
Bloodsville Bloodsville
@Bloodsville, perfect haha i updated my buy for a 0.00017551 and got back in :)
sBoon Bloodsville
@Bloodsville, Nice timing
This better fall back all the way to the support line. I need to find a good price to buy
sBoon Timbo2510
@Timbo2510, 0.00021 may form the new support line if it can hold the gains here.
I expect that the price is likely to dip slightly in the next 2 hours as china begins to wake to lock in profits, before a very quick recovery and new highs as chinese investors see the promising developments
how low do you think it will go
sBoon millerjg1980
@millerjg1980, I didn't see the support at 0.000162. Check the 5 minute. Might not come back below 0.000175 again.
@sBoon, thanks!
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