A summary perspective for TRX

Disclaimer: I am not giving financial advise, nor telling you how to spend your money/Crypto Currency. Any market that revolves trading assets or any securities can be very Risky. I only speak my mind on what I think it will do, even then that doesn't gurantee results.

Ethereum             made some news highs this week making it receive majority of the attention in the crypto sector. TRX             is built for high-standers with a huge bet in their technology and what it is intended to be used for. Below you will see numerous talking points for the overall description for the objectives of Tron             ( TRX             ):.
  • 1. Exodus
    Data Liberation
    A mechanism of upload, storage, and distribution which is based on peer-to-peer and distributed contents.
    In the Exodus phase, on the basis of the distributed storage technology, TRON             will provide users with a completely free and reliable platform for data publication, storage and dissemination.

  • 2. Odyssey
    Content Empowerment
    Economic incentives, empowerment, content ecology and block chain technology will create a fully competitive economic mechanism with fair returns for content creation, distribution and dissemination. Therefore, individuals can be encouraged and contents can be empowered, thus constantly expanding the boundary of the system.

  • 3. Great Voyage
    Personal ICO            
    Based on the advantage of block chain, TRON             solves three major issues: income measurement, dividend payment and management of supporters, and achieves significant transformation from the "fan economy" to the "fan finance".

  • 4. Apollo
    Free Movement of Value—De-centralized Token Trading Exclusively for Individuals
    To reach the goal that each content producer in the TRON             system can issue their own tokens, the system must have a complete solution for de-centralized tradings. Through the establishment of the de-centralized trading platform, the value, property rights and risks of the system can be freely traded and exchanged, thus increasing the economic vitality of the whole system in geometric             multiples.

  • 5. Star Trek
    Traffic Monetizing—Gaming of De-centralization and Market Forecast
    The size of the global gaming market in 2014 exceeded $450 billion. Traffic brought by the TRON             content platform makes it possible to build an online gaming platform for de-centralization. Developers can freely build online gaming platforms through TRON             , providing fully autonomous gamings and predicting market functions.

  • 6. Eternity
    Traffic Conversion—De-centralized Game
    In 2016, the global video game market amounted to $ 9.66 billion, of which the scale of the phone game market was $ 4.61 billion, accounting for 42%. TRON             provides the possibility for establishing an on-line game platform. Developers can freely set up game platforms through TRON             , achieve crowd-funding for game development, and make it possible for common investors to invest in games.

Their has been alot of information based on Justin Suns (Founder) tweets hyping up TRX             . A few examples are:
Opening office in San-Fransisco (
Making major partnerships ( Obike, Peiwo,, Bao-Fang )
Getting former Alibaba employee into the development team ( More info :

It seems as though Tron             is filled with a good team. Technology in the asian sector has grown more and more over the years ( Due to this point in time Justin Sun attmepting to connect multiple Nations from Asia, and California to create and promote more growth into ALL of this growth hes promoting for SEPERATE projectects into Tron             . By Justin Sun making an agreement with and peiwo. It can potentially grow the project side for Star Trek Project considering that the Star Trek project is used to promote Online Gaming within the the Tron             Content

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