TRX/ETH Middle Finger Pattern Complete

Hi everyone...

I wanted to share this TRX/ETH chart with everyone. I know Tron has fallen out of favor but there is a long term opportunity brewing that you should be aware of.

As you know, when something has fallen out of favor and is down >70%, it might be time to take a look at it ESPECIALLY if there is a compelling chart pattern... and the middle finger chart pattern is about as compelling as they come.

Here is a plan for trading the middle finger (MF) pattern... modify it for your own level of risk tolerance:

1. Buy a small amount of Tron now.
2. Wait for a DAILY close above the ring finger: When this happens, buy a little more.
3.Wait for weekly close above ring finger: when this happens, buy more.

Do not exceed 5% of your holdings... markets are fractal and if you get a weekly close below the ring finger after closing above it, TRX will be at risk of a double middle finger pattern where the ring finger of the previous pattern becomes the index finger of the new middle finger pattern.

If this occurs, it will take about 3-5x the amount of time of the original middle finger pattern before the market can recover. So, this is only meant to be traded in small quantities. But if it pays off, your 5% will go 10-100x... though that might take some time... maybe a year or more. The MF pattern does require some patience.

For future reference, if you see this pattern after a strong up move, sell the breakdown of the knuckles the way you would the neckline of H&S . You probably already noticed that the MF is basically a H&S with a VERY tall and narrow head... so much so that it deserves its own name.

評論: OK... its been a while since I posted this and here we are... the ring finger has been breached.

Start scaling in to TRON.

As always, keep an eye out for the double middle finger pattern as described above.

Good Luck!
Like the title :D
Too bad that i bought in the middle of middle finger :)
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