New Idea - Cypher Pattern on 1HR Chart TRXETH

My previous idea using the elliott wave didn't work out right. After reviewing other people's ideas on TRX/ETH and TRX/BTC , it appears that the wave that I called #1 was actually #5. Based on other's ideas, it looks like we just finished correction wave ABC . Lots of negative comments throughout along with widespread rumors.

Most of these altcoins are speculative and we are all still early investors. We may not be BTC early but we are definitely still in the early stages. If you're investing, you're either in it for the quick profits or you're investing in the idea/team.

If the coin goes up which I expect it to, we have a bearish cypher pattern forming on the 1HR chart. Expect lots of resistance at the 0.00027 with wicks at the 0.00032 mark followed by a .382-. 618 retracement .

Let me know your thoughts.
Will this news of white paper plagiarism hurt trx in the short or long term?
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@Prezno, Short answer: Only short term, it's not uncommon for a new coin to use open source material for some of the white paper, but there's a new update version of the white paper, if you want more information on it you can do a little digging it's been heavily discussed just take what you read with a grain of salt and verify everything important before FUD sets in
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Prezno chowells776
Ty for the reply.
dcardona1 chowells776
@chowells776, I agree with you. @Prezno - The way I see it is Justin Sun has his reputation riding on all of this. 30 under 30 on Forbes list 2015. Supposedly the whitepaper was translated to English by volunteers. I try to see past all of the silly discrediting and rumors going on. Maybe Sun would risk his reputation and the rest of his life to do some sort of fraud but I really doubt it.
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