BINANCE:TRXUSD   TRON / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Price has been moving sideways since Feb 6th till today… TRX/USD has been stuck in a consolidation zone(S@ $0.028-$0.032 / R @ $0.50-$0.055) Higher Low formed * last blue arrow pointing down* Daily candle close above $0.04 triggered trade.

Start of uptrend (bounce 1: April 5th bounce 2: April 9th , bounce 3: April 12th)
Broke out of 4hour consolidation zone ($0.035-$0.040) & tested for support
Stochastic RSI momentum showing it has shifted bullish

Breakout pattern on hourly broken down shows a break above $0.425 and trade is triggered. Trigger timeframe shows TRX likes to double bottom on hourly followed by leg extension.

Take Profit 1:$0.05
Take Profit 2: $0.08
Take Profit 3: $0.15
Take Profit 4: $0.35
Take Profit 5:HODL

* Buy: After break and close above $0.425
* Sell: After main net if desired. I’m HODLing
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