Earnings Levels are Key To Know in all Listed Stocks!

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The chart of $TSLA appeared to be falling without end in sight, but if you had short positions on from higher levels, you knew where to cover them - and that is right at the "EARNINGS LEVEL". 

I believe it is essential to know where these levels are and I track them on every listed stock here on TradingView that I trade. 

The  EARNINGS  LEVEL is the green triangle and the green line extending to the right from the triangle. 

If you were waiting to buy $TSLA, you could have waited until the price dropped to the  EARNINGS  LEVEL 

Check out many of my last publications to see the  Earnings  Level at work. 

There are many uses of the Key  Earnings  Level: 
1. Buy dips to it from higher levels. 
2. Up trends require the price to be above the  Earnings  Level. 
3. Sell rallies to it from lower levels. 
4. Use risk of 1,2, or 3 average-true-ranges from the Key Level. 
5. Avoid taking risk AHEAD OF  EARNINGS  ever again. Instead, do the logical, lower-risk way and trade AFTER  EARNINGS  . 

This current chart of $TSLA is a buy-signal from the 309  Earnings  Level for a move up to 350-380 (stay tuned), with a stop down under 295. 

Best of trading to you, 


Sunday, July 9, 2017 5:06PM EST
評論: Did you notice how well the EARNINGS LEVEL held?
評論: If you don't have this information about where the important "earnings level" is in each stock you trade, you aren't seeing the whole picture of a stock and defining and minimizing risk.

If you had the edge in the market, would you share it with everyone? If everyone has the information, will the edge go away? Probably, but I still believe everyone deserves to have the important information to help people make better decisions and know where the important levels are in the market. If you don't have this information, you are so far behind.
評論: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eTahFJKdHQ&feature=push-u&attr_tag=H2KVmXj7ZtA3CnIC-6

This is a great way to stay up to date on the Model 3 with all of the details.
評論: Still holding the EARNINGS LEVEL. Thank you TradingView for helping me create this powerful tool.

October 17, 2017 2:05PM EST
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Hi Tim. Just wanted to share some info:

Russian enthusiasts that bought Tesla's in Russia say that 20-25% of teslas in their community already had serious car repair.
And that reliability issues can affect the car productions next year. In US/EU car repair is free and if we have more cars in the market, TSLA might have more time & money spent on guarantee repair service. Not good for business.

Here is the original article on forbes:
KholleKhokk PRO KholleKhokk
@KholleKhokk, p.s. you can google translate it, if you wish ;)
Seems to be going back the level. Any action plan in case it breaks?
Again, great work! It's logical, well-written articles like this that give me confidence in trading.

@timwest, question though - maybe I'm reading this wrong but for #3:

3. Sell rallies to it from lower levels.

Why would you sell a rally trending up towards an earning level? Wouldn't you want to capitalize on the gain? Again, maybe I'm reading it wrong.
timwest PRO hasskhalife
@hasskhalife, If a stock rallies to an earnings level, there should be supply there to cap the advance. If it doesn't stop at the "earnings level", then that becomes support. So, despite what the longer term trend is for a stock, you can use the Key Earnings Level as your compass to guide you in the direction of support or resistance.
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Yes just starting to learn ..nice work Tim
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And then 80% of TV is Forex guesses...i acted on this, so far made 5% on Tesla
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Hi Tom, I enjoy reading your analysis - I wish you do some on Forex from time to time so that we may be able to find some trustworthy technicals/fundamentals behind what really makes the currency up/down?
For TSLA, now the product is launched ...less of all theory (yes there is still R&D) but do we maintain the positions until the exhaustion is noted or sell prior to the earnings and buy again after the earnings. Please share your wisdom. Thanks
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@aa2016, I do some forex from time to time. I believe it is essential to do "news" analysis and plot horizontal lines at the mid-point of the day that major economic/financial news is released: Interest rate changes, monetary policy speeches, GDP releases, etc. You can also plot spikes in $VIX and the 75% retracement of a 5+ point rise in VIX to show when "tension hits a peak" and "when calm comes back to a market after tension", the Presidential Election, Brexit, etc. Those levels play important psychological support/resistance to a currency. I love to use the "Time@Mode" method to monitor accumulation and distribution, which then projects movements in price and time going forward based on the size and duration of an accumulation/distribution zone, defined by it's "mode" (or most frequent price). If you search my charts, I've done $EURUSD charts, $USDCAD, and $USDJPY. Ivan Labrie also uses the techniques @Ivanlabrie and does a great job pointing out trade setups.

Can you elaborate more on the earnings level you are referring to ? Do you monitor the price level from the earnings prospective and see if it stayed above or below during that period

>>Check out many of my last publications to see the Earnings Level at work.

I tried to lookup but couldn't find much info on it

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