UBIQ wait for break out

BITTREX:UBQBTC   Ubiq / Bitcoin
2549 8
UBIQ looks close to a breakout.
First target on the chart if it can crack the upper trendline .

buy after the breakout when it makes a bullish pattern , see link below.
評論: Nice breakout , consolidation and continuation
@Crypto_Ed could you please update. thanks
@Crypto_Ed Could you please provide update on this if possible? Thank you.
Should we consider this one still active? Thanks for the good work!
trade active
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Question: When you say the upper trendline, do you mean the blue one or yellow one? Thanks!
Hi there! thanks for providing valuable information ... i am a noob ... may I reconfirm that by cracking the upper trend line you mean that it should stay above the 0.00042 mark for a few candles ... also what type of hourly candles are u using here? thanks
jebeithearrow monolith_seeker
@monolith_seeker, 240minutes... check the chart (top left corner)
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