UKGTBC - good volume (50% profit potential), new on Bittrex

BITTREX:UKGBTC   UnikoinGold / Bitcoin
319 10
UKG - is another token servicing gaming industry.
The coin has been recently listed on Bittrex and currently has a nice volume .
We need to break a resistance at 1 fib to confirm an uptrend, therefore it is advisable to set pending orders there.
First target - 50% profit.
Good luck!
交易進行: Broke upper resistance, buy orders were filled.
交易結束:目標達成: Cool! Target reached!
交易進行: We are currently in oversold territory , but MACD is about to become bullish.
I expect that we will see a further correction to C on the support (blue line)
I would place a buy order at the support zone and set for one of the two targets.
Good luck

@MaximBar any update on this?
+1 回覆
@kulie, we hit our target already. But i can take a look.
kulie MaximBar
@MaximBar, ok waiting for the update then, thanks!
+1 回覆
@kulie, done
kulie MaximBar
@MaximBar, Thanks
Can i buy now? Thank you for share.
+1 回覆
MaximBar yigitfatih
@yigitfatih, no I would not buy now, only if you had a pending order for the designated price. Right now it could be too risky to buy in , because BTC can turn against alts any moment.
yigitfatih MaximBar
@MaximBar, Thank you for answer Maxim. I bought ada with 6000 but btc is rising.
+1 回覆
MaximBar yigitfatih
@yigitfatih, oh yes, ADA was kind of in correction state the whole day... buying alts in general is a bit too risky right now, only old picks can hold through, i guess.
+1 回覆
yigitfatih MaximBar
@MaximBar, yes, it did not resist 60
+1 回覆
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