How about a mirror setup?

FX:UKOIL   原油差價合約(布蘭特)
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OIL for some time mirrors ascending trend started in Jan 16. If the pattern continues we should have local high today/tomorrow. Best for short 45.8, and then low @38.8 approx. 16.08
Hi there! Great idea! Could you clarify me what do you use for and what does it show yours parallels lines (asc'n'desc chanel) with 34 deg? Thanks in advance!
pler604 hiitsalexhowsitgoing
Regarding these channels. You could apply a regular channel for the same effect. I picked a trend angle to show what would be a slope of descending channel in next weeks if it reflects ascending channel between I-VI`16. 34deg has no meaning, it change with scale you apply
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