Keep asking for the sale and you would get it !

FX:USDCAD   美元 / 加元
They say selling is a number game. Do you agree? Some may not, I know. They said she gets to where she is because of her looks, family background, etc. Maybe, there is some element of truth. But the true blue salesman know for every rejection he gets, he is closer to the sale.

Similarly, in trading, it is your participation in the trade (think of each trade as an appointment) that truly matters. The real live trade. How do you handle the rejection, the questions asked face to face with your prospects ? It's the same when you long and the price starts to go south , do you panic, do you start to doubt your analysis ? What goes through your mind ?

The deal you close is the sale you get. And your level of confidence goes up one notch. Same same. In trading, even if you win a few pips or dollars, you feel good, don't you ? It is as if you had beaten the market, you are right and he is wrong. YEAH!

The end game , getting the deal seems straightforward but the process of getting there is often fraught with challenges. Salesmen refused to pick up the calls to make appointment for fear of rejection, getting appointment but fear of presenting well, at presentation afraid of answering difficult questions and so on. In trading, you want the same outcome, the profits but you are skeptical about your analysis, is it too high to go in ? What if I am wrong and the market starts to turn ? Shall I wait a while more ? What other research have I not conducted ? Maybe I should talk to Mr So and So first to get his views ?

The list goes on................Then the market kicks in the action and goes exactly as you predicted and you yelled out "Damn, I should have put in couple of lots here ! Had I known it goes up so fast, I would pawn my organs to get the coins..............

On hindsight, things always look rosier and simpler. It can be simple if you want to. It can be a rosy picture as well if you really want it to be.

Sales does not start with the product (stock, ETF , bitcoin , commodities , forex,etc) or the customer (mr market). It starts with understanding yourself. Did you approach your day trading with a joyful and grateful attitude ? Are you still carrying yesterday losses in your heart and coming today to seek revenge ? Or are you mad that the neighbour of yours who hardly know what is support and resistance is chilling out in his new Maserati and you are still stuck in recovering your losses ?

Such negative energy though invisible are harmful to trading, very harmful. Let it go, slowly. Find a healthy outlet to vent out your negative energy. Take up a sport. I like long runs to clear my thoughts and strategise. What about you ?

A good salesman know selling is like running a marathon and not a sprint . Sometimes, you need to slow down, take a walk , recharge before you take on the next step. It is and always will be your own race , never against anyone out there.

Be the best you can be. Do it for yourself !
評論: See, it breaks down, retrace and follow through. Now don't get used to this pattern but know it exists. Mr Market is full of tricks as it can tricks you by giving you a false breakdown, you add on your positions to sell aggressively only to find out hours later the price has reversed upward (short squeeze).

Risk also refers to the position size you placed on the trade.
評論: thank you mr market
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