16 types of Bat advanced pattern by Alexander Nikitin

FX:USDCAD   美元 / 加元
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Hey, mates. Here's the research work on bat patterns that I have done about two years ago. I described the bats according to the criteria mentioned on the chart. Then I did the backtesting of 5 year period on 5Min timeframe on different pairs. This one is AUDUSD results. The percentage shows the probabilty of price to hit 0.382AD before it hits 1.13XA. If no number - this means no patterns of this type were found or the quantity is extremely small to show some relevant statistical results. Enjoy it. Next time I will post other pairs, so follow me to be notified:)
評論: sorry, in the last row they should be "double bottom flag" instead of "double bottom no flag":)
This pattern was found by the MPS-5.2 pattern recognition software:

Learn to trade these patterns for free:

My Youtube channel:
Very interesting research!!!!!!!
@Antilogs, thanks:)
Great research Alex! A question I had about trading harmonic patterns is should you be keeping a consistent risk amount ( ex. Risking $100 per trade if it's 20 pips or 35 pips ) or should you be trading a consistent lot size?
@Nogioski, consistent lotsize
Great,thanks for sharing friend!!
Excellent info. Well done.
thanks for the sharing. will take some time to read through
@pipstrading, Oh, nice.
thanks alot man
@mehdisdt, you are welcome:)
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