A bull for a week...

FX:USDCAD   美元 / 加元
910 20
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評論: We are perfectly heading to the buy zone
Please do not rush to buy once we are inside
評論: We have entered the buy zone.
We want to buy a level 1 signal with our stops just below the last low before our entry.
If we are stopped before passing the critical level we try again

Good luck
評論: You should all have a position now
If we go down to TS which is just breakeven, we will exit
Otherwise, it looks good
評論: I will no longer publish anything about this position. I think you guys can take it from here

Good luck
評論: Perfect entry
Awesome RR
About 300 pips up to now
What else can we ask for?

That is the power of The PanOptic Trading Method...
I missed it... :(
well, the atr (5) was exactly at high from may 5th. i am long now - crude oil is going south too.
good luck
Short time-frame are fastest way to loss from my experience.
USDCAD is perfect example: what trend are we talking about? H4, H1... Humm, I would not put my money following such a short term "trend" simply because there is no trend there.
D1, W1 or even better M1 is where you can see a trend my friend, but let's take my favourite W1.
What do we have here? Evening star in formation after last week's doji candle right at the top of the Kumo onSenkou-Span A, matching also the Tenkan-sen on projected 38.2 fibo.
Please note that this level matches the daily SMA50 resistance.
That's a lot to break higher, don't you think? And Stochastic is barely showing sign of revival.

Thank you for your comment,

One of the biggest problems we have as traders is generalizations.Your personal experience is just your experience. Do not generalize it.

As for the trend we are talking about, well, it is the trend that I guess you can not see. You not seeing the trend does not mean that there is no trend. it just means that you do not see it.
If I did not see it i would go and find a trend that I see to put my money on. That is our choice as traders.

As for what I think, well I just put it on the chart. So my suggestion is that if you feel that you have a great idea that is so different from what another trader has, just put it on a chart and make it public so that everyone can benefit.

Good luck
Sound like a good plan!
I like it
Indeed price looks likely to pullback in to that zone as we have hidden bearish divergence on the H1 TF as well
Thank you
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