USDCHF buy the strong breakout

FX:USDCHF   美元 / 瑞士法郎
4811 13 125
Hi fellows, I am anticipating strong impulsive breakout. Only buy if you will see the impulse. In case you will not see the impulse then watch price action at the bottom trend line . If I will see the impulse I will update about this idea.Good Luck fellows
評論: Watch bottom fellows.
評論: Watch for strong breakout in case price do not break up and breaks down then watch bottom for buy.
評論: watch bottom if do not continue.
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These are my thoughts on the pair. I see a short rather than a buy for now
Are we still heading in the right direction? A lot of resistance @ 0.9720
This is a really good one
I'm in to 0.99
Good day Sir,

Can you please explain abit about this type of strong impulse breakout followed by strong impulse DOWN? I'm confused with this type of impulse.

Thx Sir and wish u good luck trading!~

could be like that!

Boss it makes perfect sense better than shorting Euro
Wave-Trader 200pipstrader
@200pipstrader, If this pair start to rise of course EURUSD will fall Malik.
@AsifGani, cheers mate

And USDollar index is on potential reversal zone and will rise
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