Going short on a break of KS...

FX:USDJPY   美元 / 日圓
634 15
評論: I will be online but mostly inactive so please manage your trades today

Good luck
評論: Coming up on 60 pips and support in the form of a minor low
評論: Coming up on 60 pips and support confluence..
1. Important Trendline
2. Minor low
3. Mid WS1/WPP pivot

So please be watchful and you might want to optimize your position or take some of your money
評論: Currently at the confluence support doing negotiations to pass through
評論: SL to 111.650
評論: That's risking only 15 pips so no problem
手動結束交易: Exiting position with 27 pips profit to sell higher
i like this trade for many reasons

1) continuation of trend
2) KS retracement
3) bear flag breakdown

I don't know how i feel about holding over the weekend though , so I took most of it off

Good for you
brother so we are below the KS now right? i am expecting 110,500 as first target but i think support of 110,9 is pretty strong. if we wait too long around 110,9 should we cancel target 2?
Ichimoku_Trader ErkinTalhaAlakay

The best way to go about this is to wait until we enter the target zone
Once there, we exit on weakness .. not before that
the signal is in progress

yes it has been for a while
nice nice

let's hope it happens
what is ks ??
Ichimoku_Trader prince125700
@prince125700, the blue line
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