Long based on divergence and Clones Support zone

FX:USDJPY   美元 / 日圓
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This is an counter trend trade based on Clones support zone and divergence. I am not expecting much but tp of 30 to 100 pips with the risk of 22 pips

Look at weekly or daily chart to see why this zone is so critical for USDJPY . If the current support zone is taken out then we may expect deep down.
評論: weekly chart
評論: stop moved to entry price
手動結束交易: closing the trade ,Japan PM Abe to speak shortly
I am a Chart Slave.Thank you TradingView and @nmike.
Japan PM speaking now ??
GcNaif Sam0101
yeah in few hours from now, i think 630am gmt
GcNaif GcNaif
sorrry 930am gmt
great stuff mate!
GcNaif Alex.Singletary
thanks mate
this is what im looking for
GcNaif Alex.Singletary
good one
I looked up clone strategy and didnt find much. Im dedinitly curious...could i get a short explanation or a reading refeference?
GcNaif Nova84
hi nova, i dont think u will find it outside the tradingview about it. Please visit @nmike profile on tradingview , he is the initiator of this concept.
Nova84 GcNaif
awesome thankyou
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