USDJPY 1 Hour: Potential Bullish Bat Formation

FX:USDJPY   美元 / 日圓
Since last week's trading was pretty rough I'm ooking forward to the opportunities that present themselves this week. For you NBA fans out there this has got to be how the Golden State Warriors feel tonight after suffering the biggest upset in NBA history to the Lakers yesterday.

Her eon the USDJPY             is a potential bullish Bat Formation completing at 112.42. i'm closing down the charts for the night in order to spend time with the wife and kid so we'll see when i wake, what actually happens with this potential setup.

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Tier One Trading Royale Ball
clean order :)
Thanks Akil... It's been a pip-tastic trade!
+1 回覆
Akil_Stokes HumphreyNR
You're welcome and congrats on the trade
Nice trade, thank you Akil.
+1 回覆
you're welcome
for the first target you get to it right ? do you take multiple targets
+1 回覆
Akil_Stokes faisalhasnoon
Yes, aside from what we track in the Syndicate, I do use multiple targets in my trading
faisalhasnoon Akil_Stokes
thanks a lot akil today i am trying the live room for a week :)
Is this one closed? EURJPY has reached both targets but not USDJPY unless I am looking at something else :-)
+1 回覆
For some traders it maybe for others it may not be. It all depends on where and how many targets they're taking
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