FX:USDJPY   美元 / 日圓
3446 25
Estimated entry:$112.03-112.1
交易進行: 1st entry:$111.84
評論: The high is $112.02, my pending order for 2nd entry has no chance to be active:)
評論: finally my pending order at $112.03 was effected
評論: tp 1: $111 reached!
4H chart update: Waterfall just started, testing support $110.8-110.2, down trend is continuing with no doubt. Hopefully will hit $109 in near future
評論: Update 4H chart: Sell when $111.5 rejected, or sell after breaking out $110.8 and pull back.
評論: Daily chart update:
bearish trending continue obviously, heading next tg:$109.1, final tg for wave E will be $106-105.8
評論: AB=CD, D target: $107
評論: next u-turn point likely will appear 4 hours later, estimated entry:$111.5-111.6
評論: it started to drop timely
評論: will see waterfall soon
評論: no doubt will hit109.3,close the gap, then finally 106 is possible
評論: 4H chart update: see h&s pattern, next tg:$109.8
手動結束交易: profit taken already. today will bounce
評論: 4H chart:
Tp2:$109.3reached!! gap closed.
評論: daily chart update: AB=CD,D target:$106.9-107
交易進行: 109.9
評論: 4H chart update: bounce to test the resistant level and continue to drop
評論: 4H chart update: AB=CD, D tg:$108.21,conflunced with fibo tg:$107.52 exit.
評論: 4H chart update:
評論: Heading tg:$108.2
1H chart update:
評論: 1H chart update: see H&s Pattern, has broken the neckline, go short after retracing $111.25-111.35, for TP1:$110.6-110.4,TP2:$109.7
交易進行: 111.3
評論: 4H chart update:
Likely going to test 111.2 level, if broke, will test110.4, bo 109.1 will continue to drop for wave e
交易進行: shorted 111.72
評論: tg:$111.2-$110.4-$109.1
評論: added 112.335
Hey Faylee, what is your idea regarding the last up move? Just testing the upper channel and resuming the downtrend?
Thank you for sharing! Great analysis
Thanks much for the update Fay... it's very reassuring sometimes :)
@faylee do you think 107 still possible?
Gosh... just good analysis.... i'd clap if i wasn't typing..... LOL....
price at 111.38 now, will you short again?
agreed; late to the party though; I have been waiting for that last candle to bounce off the resistance area. Shorted, hopefully it fills the gap. xD
@faylee still possible to enter this trade?
faylee prar30
@prar30, dear, not now, it's testing the support level, if broke $110.2 directly, then, go short after pull back
prar30 faylee
@faylee, thank you :)
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