Ichimoku "The PanOptic Trading Method" / Trading Trendlines...

FX:USDJPY   美元 / 日圓
This slide only scratches the surface of using ichimoku to recognize and trade trendlines . I will try to show more of this in future slides.

And by the way, did you guess my trading plan for USDJPY             yet?

Good luck
Hi. Has you done a slide describing the APL
Ichimoku_Trader DavidMarcy_TradeHuntFx
I've talked about it in my slides but it needs a special slide since it is a very important concept
Would you recommend using reversal patterns for higher entry or is it the close of the candle after the break of the TS or as soon as TS is broken period that you would look to enter
You trade them exactly like you trade trendlines so you would look for a breakout from TS. To be safer, wait for TS to turn to your desired direction
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NextgenDad Ichimoku_Trader
Thank you
NextgenDad Ichimoku_Trader
Going over the slides again and this is a very valuable piece of information that everyone should take into account. This is something that should be added to everyone's notes that if you are serious about learning this system I am sure you are taking. If your note taking notes now is a good time to start!
Such awesome information thank you
thank you
do you used other indicator, instead of ichimoku?
Why would I?
ichi has everything
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