OANDA:USDJPY   美元 / 日圓
USDJPY divergence If anyone is good with elliot wave and rsi divergence please comment. I believe this is known as reverse bullish . would appreciate some input

Also found an elliot wave inside my other Elliot wave so since the first correction was pretty close to the mark i guess this one should be pretty close too.

I dont pretend to know how long the dollar will drop all i know is the drop is slower than the climb which tells me a lot. I also want to see if friday will continue a down trend. I think the trade will probably go thru the weekend

im just gonna set a price order to catch a piece of the spike

This is not investment advice
Im not sure this pattern will complete anymore. The previous elliot wave did and i think the rest was just retail long and shorts. Im closing my positions and going into a new analysis
I believe the dollar is gaining strength because my EU short is gaining and my EJ short is gaining also

I believe what were looking at is dollar strength and yen/euro exhaustion. lets wait and see. the NY session may prove to be very interesting . dang wheres rrifsters barometer when you need it lol
Currently trying to decide if this move up is theee move or just the divergence correction before we go lower....hmmm
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