Long to the top of channel after crossing SMA50

FX:USDJPY   美元 / 日圓
As soon as I don't know how the dollar will react to situation in Syria, I will play with the idea I was playing earlier.
At march 23rd price jumped from the bottom of channel and entered short-term uptrend. I really like to play situation like this, and up to now it is my most profitable strategy.
I think we are somewhere in the middle of this uptrend, and grow should continue during next few weeks - of course if market wont react with panic to news from Syria. If yes, it will be probably good opportunity to buy for better prices. If $USDJPY             continue its growth, next correction could be somewhere near SMA100. I saw corrections there on that pair, so even the statistics suggests, that there is quite big probability that will happened there.
My game plan is to buy more on corrections and then buy again if our chart will cross SMA100.
評論: Of course we need to remember, that JPY is currency that investors find safe, so if something happens in Syria we will see investors escaping USD to JPY, which will make us to redefine our game plan.
評論: Sunday is the day I plan trades for next week. I will definitely keep my long positions on USDJPY.
評論: Existing-Home Sales 5,6M vs 5,55M predicted. Good news for USD today.
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