FX:USDJPY   美元 / 日圓
40,0% More chances for a bearish continuation, what is confirmed by a recent 1d, 4h price action, and important level zones

Due to that scalping signals to be used are:

Sell stop 108,608
Stop loss 108,887
1st Target is 108,329

"A Time management and Money management must be applied to the signals.

This signals are part of my trading system that I have created for my students, it’s easy to use and is with a straight rules. so 100% clear. The market knowledge gives a bonus and a room for improvement , so market education is advisable, that’s why the system is given as a part of educational process.

Limit orders are not shown here, but the system is giving them.

Any questions can be asked using email, website or Skype.

I really hope that even this signals will help you to keep your account growing.


Arturs J.



A short - government required disclaimer:
I’m not providing any advice, and I do not guarantee any profit. What you see here is only a share of my view of the market."

評論: At the moment the price didn't get enough impulse , so the possibility is to close the position before the stop loss is hit.


Wait till half past and close in case of the wrong direction, it's better to reenter with a small loss later.
評論: we're expecting impulse when trading breakouts.
評論: 108,75 - a level to watch
評論: in case if within 15 min the price is not moving in a direction needed - I will close the position
評論: GBP area news are coming in 1:12 hrs, so next signals before that.
評論: breakeven - partially close or take a 1st profit - up to you.
評論: No visible setups before the news in GB, so did'n post anything, will prepare for the US
評論: Ok fellas, some news are coming in 2 hrs, offcourse the possibility of the impulse move with US open exists, however I will wait for the news. the market is spiky at the moment, so be careful. and also, the possibility of the UJ to go down is still in play.
評論: I'm not going to close the position, however a proper management is required, for today there are no more bkouts. so will see you tomorrow
交易結束:目標達成: target was reached yesterday
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