#USDSEK: Unnecessary Buying, Week Starts With No Steam #Forex

FX:USDSEK   美元 / 瑞典克朗
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The pair has had a strong upside upside candle Friday, a doji Monday, and clear bearish follow through today. Clearly the doji represents indecision, Gold , DXY etc are pulling back, and cable is showing buy opportunities. Trends should be correcting back to their "median values" and I think there is some quite serious money to be made in the markets over the next few weeks. I hope you have tested trading strategy to trade this move when it starts

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How is it going?
I like this pair. I remember I got profit enough last time.

Many Thanks:-)
Hi, good thank you :-)

Glad to hear, best of luck. :-)
very nice ;) same thought
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