Having waited a long time for West Texas Intermediate to hit 2009 levels, I figured I'd put my money where my mouth was and go long USO when it did.

I filled this one earlier today:

Bought 100 Shares USO @ 10.05
Sold 1 Feb 19th 11 Call
Total Package: 9.69 debit
Max Profit: $131 (if called away at 11)

You could probably get a slightly better fill than I did, as USO ended the day at 9.90 ... .
評論: Rolled the 11 call down to the 9 call for a .42 credit. You generally do not want to roll your shortie down beneath your cost basis because if you are called away at a strike below that, you will experience a loss. However, I'm looking to continue to reduce cost basis and will roll out and up if price explodes from this level or "sideways" to the same strike if price continues to hover around here.
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