FX:USOIL   原油差價合約(WTI)
Hello Traders,

In the previous post on FX:GBPUSD , I shared the Time Cycle approach with you guys. Thus, here on FX:USOIL I have applied the same approach, using the Time Cycles to determine the most probable direction for the next coming 2 to 4 years and also when the reversal in direction is most likely to occur. I explained the concepts behind both Sine Cycles and Cycle Arcs in the previous post on FX:GBPUSD . I'll add a link to that post under the Related Idea section below.

By moving around the WEEKLY Cycle Arcs, we are able to identify a specific time period of 2254 days or 74 months cycle arc, on average, that currently exists in USOIL. At the end of each period we are most likely to find a significant low in the USOIL market. The highest probabilty lows are where all 3 cycles (Monthly cycle arc, Weekly cycle arc, and Sine cycle) lows meet at the same time. This is where we are most likely to get a strong reaction to the upside in the market. Take the 2002-11-01 cycle lows as an example, during that period we saw all 3 cycles turning back to the upside and this brought the USOIL market from 26.70 all the way upto 146.73 in a period of 74 months.

Currently we are sitting exactly at the same place as in 2002, where we have all 3 cycles pointing back to the upside. For more confirmation we also have a well respected MONTHLY trend line , at which we recently got a BULLISH HAMMER at the end of August. This is a strong indication that buyers are defineitely present at this key monthly trend line . We are also getting a valid HIDDEN BULLISH DIVERGENCE on the RSI.

I have labelled the predicted price range of 119.62 and the amount of time, about 68 days, that it will take to reach that level on the chart above. That's all I had to say about my perspective on the USOIL market. Please feel free to point out any errors that I may have made in this Time Cycles approach.

Please feel free to AGREE or DISAGREE with this idea by leaving a comment below. Hit that thumbs up button (top left corner of this chart) if you like the idea. Thank you everyone for all the SUPPORT that you have given me so far, I truly appreciate it. Good luck everyone :)
評論: UPDATE #1: Hello Traders, just wanted to let everyone know that, our entry has been triggered. All the BEST :)

評論: UPDATE #2: Will post an updated chart with adjusted time cycle analysis, hopefully by end of this week :)
I love this chart! Did arcs for Brent in 2009-2010. Your picture is impressive yet clear! Thanks for good job Moneymaking!
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Hey mate, thank you so much for the kind words. Truly appreciate it :)
Nice!! this could be a good long term opportunity, its on front of our eyes but we doubt and then regret when its already gone. Regards.
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IvanLabrie FullTimeTrader
Perfect entry is gone now but we can buy the continuation. I expect a large move by NFP.
Nice buildup, looks like nested impulse, or a B forming. Either way, C/3 will be SHARP.
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moneymaking IvanLabrie
Yeah, just keep on buying any deep retracements back to any type of key levels. This long setup could payoff big time in the long run. Let's hope for the BEST :)
moneymaking FullTimeTrader
Hey FullTimeTrader, yeah this is quite a good long entry. It's only a matter of time until we see a strong upside move :)
IvanLabrie moneymaking
I like Tim West's suggestion of keeping a fixed % of the capital in one asset. He does 10% in silver and rebalances when silver fluctuates 10%+. If it goes up, he sells enough to stay at 10% of capital in, and viceversa.
This keeps you in for the long haul, accumulating and making profits.
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IvanLabrie IvanLabrie
(You can't do this unless trading exchange traded products, and owning stock, futures contracts, etc)
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moneymaking IvanLabrie
Yeah, that's right !!
moneymaking IvanLabrie
That's a really interesting strategy. Thank you for sharing mate, appreciate it :)
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