WTI-CRUDE-OIL - Bullish Intermediate (C) - Short-Medium Term

TVC:USOIL   WTI 原油差價合約
608 4
WTI-CRUDE-OIL is completing the Complex Minor WXY (red) Corrective Structure for the Intermediate (B) (light blue).
Please see our Long-Term Analysis for a hawk-eye view.

Minor Y (red) bounced off the Support at 45-44.00 Levels, which are also 100% Fibonacci Extensions of Minors W &X (red).

WTI-CRUDE-OIL is finalizing Minor Y (red) with a 5 Wave Minute Sequence (blue).
Minute V (blue) unfolded with a 161.8% FIbonacci Extension from Minutes III & IV (blue).

WTI-CRUDE-OIL is forming a Corrective Pattern (Flag) in a Descending Channel which is most likely about to be Breached on the up-side.

WTI-CRUDE-OIL - Short-Medium Term - BUY Position:

Entry - 45.60
SL - 43.50
TP - 55.00

* Safety Measures:
- When in the green, move SL to break-even or in profit.
- If Conservative, wait for Bullish Breach and then a Flag Formation on the Channel
交易結束:目標達成: TP1 & TP2 reached, reviewing the analysis and then getting in again later on.
評論: Update:
Short-Term SELL / Medium-Term BUY:

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Is the 3rd target C (55.00 USD) level active for WTI-CRUDE-OIL? Will trading be done? Thank you.
@BORDOMAVI, yes, now we buy
im looking for the flag too :)
Lionheart-EWA TradingDreams
@blacktronix, great minds think alike :)
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