FX:USOIL   原油差價合約(WTI)
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So im a pretty firm believer about a recursive market happening here. We are creatures of habit doing the same thing over and over. This type of behavior is demonstrated in the market because the same patterns happen over and over. Probably because the same key players seldom leave right?

This is just what i feel may happen, we are all trying to profit and hone our skills. The only reason technical analysis works is because we believe it works. We are creating our own leaders. Markets will evolve over time with human behavior. But still remain quintessentially (i think thats the right word) the same.
評論: the previous chart i drew with in INVERTED J i drew in a red line seems to being playing out pretty well.
評論: ok again im going to have to slow down here the only thing that seems accurate is the support line that was drawn. you have to be pretty clever in order to figure out exactly where price will travel based on how fast price is accelerating at the moment. and the future support and resistance lines.
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