TVC:USOIL   WTI 原油差價合約
sharing this chart for education purpose,
many traders make wrong decision so try to understand chart first.
check also update comments box
if any questions plz pm me,
good work, i like your use of horizontal pivots showing clear supply/demand levels; your selling indicators are clear but as you advise to wait for a strong buy confirmation, I would like to more information on what the confirmation would be for you; as well as providing upside targets; I think your pivots would make good targets for staggering. However, in determining your strong buy confirmation, I would advise that 45.60 was a strong weekly inflection from 2009 that is still significant, on the August (front month) futures contract, 45.60 was also a weekly demand level that was crossed below. I believe we will see heavy selling in the 45.4-45.9 zone. Regarding the IHS, I see more potential case for a HS pattern on the monthly chart. Good work and good trading to you.
Ranadasjoy smitheric1970
@smitheric1970, good every trades view not same, you are right but wait and what happen.
I can't understand your chart please write details how its work tell details like icm auto chartist
Ranadasjoy Shahanur
@Shahanur, first learn basic please its not possible to write all chart details here. already share market view
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