Ichimoku "The PanOptic Trading Method" / Using CS...

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Many people talk about 'CS as if it was not important within the ichimoku system. Some think that it is useless and thus take it out of their ichimoku charts.

I have shown you before how to use 'CS for trade setups, for market structure and now for trend strength

Enjoy, please like and follow

**For more of my educational material on my PanOptic Method "PTM" please go to my page and press the educational tag
評論: Ok guys.
In this chart I was trying to convey the idea and I thought that the concept was easy so i was kind of sloppy I guess
It turns out that it was not an easy concept

1st .. notice that the arrow carrying the number 21 should have stopped earlier
2nd .. when you do this, you take the last CS location and you draw a straight line to the right (some of my lines were not straight). When you are stopped by the first candle, that is the location you have to count from CS
3rd .. find an easy way to count. So someone sent me an idea to draw a vertical line between the 2 locations. I liked it

So, if things are now clear, then good. If not, then tell me and I'll redo the chart .. but more accurately
評論: Also, Please do not make an entry decision using this method. I use it when i am in a trend for specifically knowing when to tighten my stops or to change my strategy
Wow Ichimoku has everything built into it. It is an amazing system
I agree with you 100%
Is there a number minimum you wouldn't go under?
The gauge counts from 0 -26
0 would be a problem
fatkumo Ichimoku_Trader
I think 10 or above would be a safe number.
10 is a good number
15+ is better
fatkumo Ichimoku_Trader
This reminds me the "Vison Visu" concept by Khalid El Bouzidi in his Ichi book volume II. Difference is that Khali is looking for the height between the price and the CS. For example, where you have put the label "25", we have a large area between the price and the CS. The price evolved in the opposite direction of the Chinkou, these things (among others described in Khali's book) are a sign for trend reversal or/and an exit for the trade.
Ichimoku_Trader albert.callisto
That was one of my considerations when I designed the PanOptic but I found that you could reach the same conclusions using the price itself and thus that makes it redundant whereas there is no alternative to finding the strength of the trend

Thank you anyway
I will be very interested to know the name of the book as I have not heard about it
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