USOIL Where will price go? MOMO says NONO

FX:USOIL   原油差價合約(WTI)
474 2
Let us see.. It can still go higher but momo seems to be with us. This can help the market come down a bit.
交易進行: at F looking for price rejection here!
評論: heading to D
手動結束交易: took a small loss on some oil rig plays i have tight sl for
評論: A rejection here at D-1 could be nasty ... I really thought oil would be heading at least towards d3 near 49ish
評論: I went long in XLE after F broke.
評論: VLO 04/29/2016 60.00 P
PUT VALERO ENERGY CORP $60 EXP 04/29/16 235 down 60% in this play. about 4k i gambled... I did not take profit on the dip stupidly.. i will take a loss....
交易進行: reversal zone 1 reached! looking for reversal
交易進行: I am long from D
評論: we win!
評論: I watch price obey and am still amazed by how price listens :-)
trading breakout from .786 at D now ?
archiki hankchef
Judging from the dollar scary can head to 48 even 52 .. I am short select oil stocks as the correlation fell off however
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