WTI Oil: Three Drives!

TVC:USOIL   WTI 原油差價合約
2955 22
Bullish three drives pattern completes at the 78.6 retracement level for the overall bullish wave. Meanwhile, the price trades at the descending support for the latest bearish wave. Aggressive traders may take this trade without confirmation. But i prefer to wait for a final confirmation.


-Never risk more than 2% of your balance on a single trade. And If you are a just starting trading do 1%.
-A Single or few trades result is not important. Whats important is the net return at the end of the month, quarter and year.

A message for some few individuals who have been abusing recently: If you have an "issue with my trading quality", you can respectfully disagree. However, keeping posing comments about how i lose money how bad i am, this is an unacceptable behavior. Trying to prove something that you don't really know about me, is unrealistic and biased. Given that i have a history of ideas in my profile that proves the opposite.

At Least respect the other members of the community who are happy to see my ideas.
p.s. i will continue to post ideas whether you like it or not. And from this point, all your comments will be totally ignored.

Thank you Technician for sharing your knowledge. Respect for both your skill and helping attitude.
This is my analysis, I'm looking for a reversal in the, 47.60 - 46.59 region
Hi Tecnician,
I bought HOU when price for oil was 45.80, it is running close to it - do you think there is a chance of pull back or more chances of going up.

Its a shame that others are rude. People are only rude because they are not successful themselves and not focused on bettering themselves.

I love this markup.

Hope you have a great day my friend.
Have we received final confirmation on this trade? Strong hammer on 4h chart.
@Jreich, The man said we need 46.70 so we listen
@Technician I was watching the chart of WTI yesterday i can't agree more..i ready to publish actually that idea.Let's see..
I like your ideas. Let's see how this turns out.
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