Vechain: Uptrend, dips being bought

BINANCE:VENETH   VeChain / Ethereum
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Like OMG, VEN is showing an uptrend vs Ethereum . Its dips are bought, so far. On the daily chart , these dips are bouncing off the 10dma, which is supportive of a strong uptrend.

Beware, these are thinly traded coins, positions cannot be large at all.

Bought some at 0.00382 eth. Stop below the dip (about 10% lower).
評論: Against Bitcoin, it's possibly forming a cup & handle and is looking to breakout:
評論: Well I tried trading this and failed. There was one more shakeout low before a massive run. So I lost money and did not participate in the rally.

I strong voice inside me even said to HOLD until certain indicators were more overbought, but I got emotional.

Lesson learned.
評論: I saw the consolidation after the rally, and jumped in, knowing it was high risk.

I did this because of how well it held up when everything else was selling off. It was acting like a major coin, not an alt coin. Shallow dip, quick to recover.

The chart might change character now that it is getting more attention. The fundamentals are pretty good, it could be the next big runner.
Me too man I should have held on that dip from ETH yesterday. Missed a good entry back playing the USDT game with ETH. This is still one of my top 3 coins right now.
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