ViaCoin VS Bitcoin Right At The Support

POLONIEX:VIABTC   Viacoin / Bitcoin
ViaCoin finally managed to break above the descending channel signaling the potential beginning of a strong growth. VIA/BTC continues to trade above the 200 Moving Average while producing higher highs and higher lows.

After hitting a 5 month high at 53k satoshi, it corrected down where it rejected the upper trendline of the descending channel . From this point, the uptrend should resume sending the price up to 116k satoshi. At this price strong resistance can be found, confirmed with two retracement levels, 827.2% Fibs applied to the corrective wave after the channel breakout, and 141.4% Fibs applied to the corrective wave down started back in June 2017. Only break and close below 25k             satoshi support could invalidate bullish outlook.
評論: Updated Idea:
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Great call
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