VIB *LONG* Possible Cup and Handle Formation

BINANCE:VIBBTC   Viberate / Bitcoin
Obviously the handle formation is a bit exaggerated by the recent BTC             run, but we have the makings of a cup and handle formation.

RSI and Macd provide possible confirmation of possible reversal.

Pending orders will want to be placed at a break of the neckline indicated in red. First target noted by green line.

Market is very fickle right now, so take profits when they are presented or just buy and hold!

Still on course barring any funny business. RSI and MACD on the hourly looking very good for the launch. Buying volume increasing.
交易進行: Got our breakout. This looks like it's going to go up much higher and quickly.
Very nice analysis, any update?
@Cirtap, Thank you, still very much in progress and following plan. Trade will be active as soon as it breaks the neckline.
Cirtap ninjacookies
@ninjacookies, thanks for that, keep it up! :)
@Cirtap, Thank you my friend! Have provided a picture update of my current projection
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