VIBE sending those GOOD VIBRATIONS of profit!

Broke the first downtrend after binance listing, then broke a less steep downtrend, looked to be consolidating but went one leg lower, not even in top 100 coin spot now, I'd def say its undervalued. Whales seem to be accumulating from the 9000 to 10000 sat range. Once they are loaded I think we are going way up similar to the run that APPC and other newly listed binance coins have been doing.

Good luck with your trades!

Still looking good, looks like the cheapies are drying up down here, bullish divergence on the 15min chart, should start to see some upside soon
評論: down a little bit on this trade, not too worried about it, the consolidation zones seem to be getting longer, if they drop it one more leg lower I will definitely add some more to get my average cost basis lower


The fact we bounced off the top of that "accumulation box" I'd say thats pretty bullish. I wouldn't be surprised if we get one more leg down to a full 100% retrace on the initial run from the binance listing, either way, its important to ladder in the buys since we never know with 100% certainty where the bottom will be.

Buying in or at the top of the second box from bottom is safe, but I'd save some powder in case it drops to the lower box which would be the full 100% retrace and also the apex of the falling wedge.

So we finally broke out of that wedge, now just a think cloud to break through, and then the 23% fib retrace at 15k sats, from there on we should have some decent upward momentum for higher price targets! :)
評論: and we have liftoff! Now that the whales have accumulated their position, we see explosive price action. Will pick up more VIBE on dips.


trade going according to plan, nice green daily close w inverted hammer. After breaking out of that falling wedge we have a 5 elliot wave up and correction seems to be just about finished, can scale in additional dip buys at the smaller move 38 and 23% fib retraces listed at .00009239 and .00008306.

As far as profit targets, I am not taking any profit off the table until we hit the greater 23% fib at .00015, and even then I plan to rebuy the dip and accumulate more due to the coins strong fundamentals and partnerships in a relatively new and unique space.

Seems to have made a textbook 5 elliot wave up and I think we are currently about to finish the C wave of the ABC back down. I could see 8300 a good place to add on that 23% fib retracement.

So far looking like a nice healthy uptrend :)
評論: Starting to see some green candles come in, and notice on the down trend of corrective wave C, we have decreasing volume, the cheapies are all dried up.

Probably a good place to add to position here
評論: markets quite red today, which is probably half the reason we failed to go up toward the red 23 fib retracement line.

I zoomed out and found a new larger falling wedge forming and we are currently trying to break out of that. Level at 7100 needs to hold otherwise we are still correcting and the greater elliot wave is invalidated. Wave 2 can not retrace greater than 100% of wave 1.
評論: Larger cup shape seems to have formed a more bullish cup and handle with the handle near complete. We can see it actually did a full 100% retrace from the initial Binance listing as I suspected it might earlier.

Once we break that res of the ends of the cup we should see a nice move up!
so the markets have been crazy lately, the cup and handle failed and the coin is now on a slow decline. I exited but have my eyes on this one for reentry.

The next safer areas to buy can be the 23% fib retracement at 7400 sats, or at break of downtrend with volume and a few closing candles to confirm breakout.

It is a bit risky to buy before a break of downtrend because you never know how much something can bleed. If the 23% retrace doesn't hold, we could see a further dip to a full retrace to ATLs following the binance listing.

Break of downtrend right by the thumbs up!

Little speedbump here at the next fib at 200EMA on 15 min but could see a big run if whales are loaded and BTC cooperates!
評論: we have break of downtrend!

Also if this level holds we could be on the start of a larger elliot wave up as we have a 5 up abc down correction! This level needs to hold for us to continue up on a larger wave 3. The volume here to me shows that we could be starting some impulse waves up!
It goes all the way down and every update shows us another uptrend. So what kind of analysis is this.
Just wonder ?
Update please!
@FKNchinaman, updated
@FKNchinaman, and updated again ;)

Really appreciate your work mate

wish u all the best always

Have a lovely day
@Aikido_1, appreciate the kind words, good luck on your trades!

@hodinhcan, see update
Never follow someones project trends if they are zoomed in like this. Trend forecasting should be done looking at weeks and months not hours and days.
shootinshredder Theageofenlightenment
@Theageofenlightenment, gee looks like the forecast wasn't too far off eh? GL with your trades
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