Vibe, am I the only one who see it ?

586 10
It's my first idea, the indicators are down it may fall 5 % before the run just observe.
The targets 1400 - just to feel safe
1800 - if you want to run longer

Thank you
評論: it started, circle drawn yesterday, sorry for the mess I am just learning hopefully my next ideas will be better. Thanks
評論: didn't go well, stop reached.... failures makes us stronger
What is target? 1400 of what? Satoshi? USD? What?
enilarp matjazlevar
@matjazlevar, 0.00014000 btc , sorry
Around when do u think it will happen? I know this market is so unpredictable, but if the queen bitcoin calms down for a little bit, where do u see it reaching the 14k target?
Good find on TNB and AMB trend!!!
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I see it. Just waiting.
lol come on man. this coin is dead.
enilarp ale408
@ale408, ok, let's compare AMB and TNB few days ago , , in your opinion those coins 3 days ago were dead too ?
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enilarp enilarp
@enilarp, those charts look exactly the same AMB and TNB are 40 % up
ale408 enilarp
@enilarp, interesting. thanks for pointing that out.. I just don't like the team and how they miss deadlines. missing deadlines usually keeps a coin from ever booming IMHO
ale408 enilarp
@enilarp, looks like it went down over 10% since. do you think your analysis could still hold?
enilarp ale408
@ale408, with SNGLS it worked exactly as it should but , , this is my graph from yesterday, I am waiting giving another 5 % and hitting stop loss.
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