VIBE/BTC, Clear Cup And Handle Breakout Happening! 180% Profit.

Hey Everyone!

I am back yet with another Idea/Chart.

This time its about a new token I have found, called VIBE.

Target 1 - 18k Satoshis.
Target 2 - 23k Satoshis.

Volume Looks Okay so far, RSI too, Lot of Room to Grow, I am Bullish Long Term Holding.

If you agree, or dissagree comment bellow, I would really like to know your own opinions!
If this Chart gets a little bit of attention, I will update!

取消訂單: Well, Maybe not this time, It had OK volume, followed by sell wall.. I am still bulish but not on this pattern anymore..
I think the whole virtual scene has a chance. The concept is great. Not sure about the whole "online virtual dating" that would require both couples to have those green room units, I'd guess. So not so much there. Unless you can go to like a local studio and digi-scan yourself into the system and then add "accessories" in the virtual world of yourself.

As far as concerts and all that? Definitely has some potential as I hate going to crowded places.

Personally I think they should just open the market to the adult industry. Not trying to be sick, but the money they'd rake in virtual adult entertainment with 360 degree 'exploration' of the scenes would
likely be worth way more than some of the stuff they are suggesting.

Just my 2 pence.

Thanks but short is not for "short term" it's for "short margin"
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@Sessay, Where Have I Wrote that its short term? You mean the Red Short?
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Maped TiborVrbovsky
@TiborVrbovsky, Yes haha
@Sessay, Oh my bad then, Sorry!
Maped TiborVrbovsky
@TiborVrbovsky, I sold all my bag whend this red short mention popped but don't worry ...
I'm joking, I agree with your analysis !
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