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This morning I have up a 4H TF, and looking historically (points A & X) pre-consolidation I see a very similar pattern under a significantly heavier volume profile that may play out now that Point 'B' has Printed. If this is infarct the case I would expect point 'Y' to print similar to point 'X' however there does not seem to be available coins on the orderbooks to make it a n identical volume profile . I am holding strong in my belief that there is hidden Bull Div all over this and if point 'Y' prints to expect a 2nd pull back, under the weekly pivot for re-consolidation.

Roughly 24 hours ago there was a bounce off the fib retracement .236 as I had charted it 11k High 5800 Low. Price is now hovering around a .382 with the same price points.

All said and done this still looks very promising as a trade set up on any time frame. Longer TF indicators are coming down, and shorter TF indicators are now oscillating, not to mention that in the past three years Vericoin ( VRC ) has only tickled the 1W RSI of 70 a few times. This is by no means a large market move, and the more I look at it, the more it reminds me BTC's pre bull run charts.

Aside from the charting and market movement there is quite a bit of activity within the development circles and community. I would ask that you also take a look at some of the material available below that highlights some of the up and coming industry 1st's including but not limited to a binary-chain co-existing with VRM which in itself is groundbreaking.

Homepage: http://www.vericoin.info/
Slack: https://vericoinandveriuminvite.herokuap...
Twitter: https://twitter.com/VeriCoin
GIT: https://github.com/vericoin/vericoin
Roadmap English: http://www.vericoin.info/downloads/roadm...
Roadmap Spanish: http://www.vericoin.info/downloads/roadm...
Roadmap Chinese: http://www.vericoin.info/downloads/roadm...

My Twitter: https://twitter.com/BTCFailWhale

If this has helped you in any way & you are inclined to do so, a small thank you can be sent below.

BTC: 1um3313w6fJhrfirj9mXz7y2GAm761Tqq
VRC: VHqBcdAjkXVbaxZ7EsXsBzy2LLNyicgzDT
評論: Oh I forgot to mention as well this is Vericoins 3rd Birthday. Happy Birthday Vericoin.
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