#VRM attempting to break upward for +64% target $27

Verium is attempting to break above resistance area and if it is able to, then I see potential for a couple hour rally from the $17 starting line to $27 completion for a 64% increase.
評論: That didn't take long. We've broken above resistance. Now if we can break above the all time high around $18.30, we'll begin the rally.

評論: I'm not sure this one is going to break out for another 24-48 hours. On the 4h chart, ichimoku cloud doesn't rise until 24-48 hours from now. It could happen then. In the meantime it could be sideways or slightly down.

評論: This really looks sideways to me. Could HODL it for a few days if nothing better comes along in the mean time.

Whats your thoughts on this now?
The historical maximum has been broken, right?
The historical maximum has been broken, right?
Why use VRM/USD when you can only trade in BTC. THink it would help everyone if you used the other chart so we can match satoshis. ty for the charts tho
should i setup a sell now for $27
i converted the target price to .001854 btc
Tibit8 StephenMannarchist
@StephenMannarchist, thank you, very helpful :) what is the calculation to convert?
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@Tibit8, dollar price of vrm target divided by current price of btc. probably projected price would be slightly different from current, and probably bot of those wrong in the end. but close enough.
Tibit8 StephenMannarchist
@StephenMannarchist, brilliant, thank you!
I don't have that market...how is that possible?
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